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Lola Cuello was born on August 25, 1979 in Valencia, moved to Mallorca when she was five years old where she lived until 2003 at this time she moved to Barcelona, where he studied at the Institud ICM Fashion Catala. After living and working in Barcelona for 8 years she returned to Mallorca to work on new projects


From this moment on the designer keeps on booking success in multiple nationwide contests , highlighting her career in 2007 when she won the “Project Bressol” award from the Generalitat of Catalonia, a platform that helps you to launch your own brand: Lola Cuello


On her cv you can get an overview of the numerous awards she has won untill now.Starting with winning her first award for best collection in 2006, this was her first collection which made her graduate at the ICM. Check my CV.


With a lot of dedication and hard work she keeps her signature Lola Cuello Prêt-à-Porter for woman, which also resulted in designing new lines called brides where she focus on designing custom made weddingdresses


Lola’s philosophy is to have a own style by creating simple garments with very subtle and rich textures using traditional forms. She loves working with volumes and Moulage techniques what makes her designs very unique and special.


After living in Mallorca for almost 3 years, where she worked on several projects and her line brides, Lola decided to move to Holland and open her new fashion studio at Huis ter Heide “Utrecht” to continue her career abroad.


Lola also introduces a line of trendy fashion but this time for dogs. Bringing two important aspects in her life together which are her love for animals and fashion.


Planetenlaan 15 | 3712 XS | Huis Ter Heide Utrecht | | tel: +31 628 971 026