Our way of working is very personal, it is therefore very important that we understand the wishes and ideas of our customers. We have developed an bespoke process for you to understand our way of working and to see what you can expect from us if you are considering purchasing your wedding dress at Lola Cuello.


If a customer contacts us , we will make a first appoitment. During this appointment we will start sketching your ideas and wishes. We will talk about shapes and colors and have a look at the fabrics.


After this first appointment we will design a few gowns for you and send those to you together with an informal offer. When you decide to place an order for a gown made by Lola Cuello we require a deposit of 30%.


Once we have received the deposit for your gown , we will invite you for a second appointment. During this appointment we will take your measurements and choose the materials. After this appointment we will design the pattern for your gown and create a mock up of the gown in unbleached cotton.


We will contact you as soon as your mock up of the gown is ready. We use this stage to create a perfect fit, the seams will be placed and shaped by our experienced designer to show your figure off to its best advantage, at this stage we can emphasize your favorite assets and minimize the not so favorite. You can use this stage to ensure the gown is exactly as you wish.


Once your gown is ready , we will contact you to make an appointment. At your hem fitting you are able to try on your own gown, in your chosen silk. At this stage we perfect the length of the gown. Approximately two weeks before the wedding you will have your final appointment. Your gown, which has been hand finished to the highest standard, has had a final press and steam.

If you have any questions

You can always contact us. Do you have a question about the way we work? Please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you. or call us: + 31 628 971 026